Handbuilt Productions is ready to produce, shoot, edit and deliver your video.

Created by two brothers who came together after separately discovering a love for video production, Handbuilt Productions sees the world from a unique perspective. One brother honed his craft working with athletes in the mountains of North America and Japan, the other cut his teeth shooting in NYC with national and global brands. As a team they will create the media assets needed to tell your story.

Handbuilt Productions is based in collaboration. We are Brothers. We are a team. When you work with us, you are on our team.


  • Video & Film Production
  • Post Production
  • Motion Graphics
  • Photography
  • Product Photography
  • Event Photography and Vidoegraphy
  • Clients

    We have worked with a variety of Clients, from Non-Profits to Major Corporations.

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  • Video

    Check out a sampling of our latest jobs and passion projects


    • Film_SelectsWEBSITE30
    • DPP_0189-CastlePeak
      Castle Peak
    • Film_SelectsWEBSITE28
      Telephone Pole
    • FilmSelects_CountryParty0008
    • Film_SelectsWEBSITE11
      Skipping Rocks
    • Film_SelectsWEBSITE18
      Glassy Water
    • MikeySummitDouble
      Mikey Summit
    • PyramidLake
      Pyramid Lake
    • Film_SelectsWEBSITE06
      The Lake
    • Rocks
    • Film_SelectsWEBSITE14
      The Blindfold
    • Sun Rays
    • Characters_Neely-3
    • Film_SelectsWEBSITE24
      Rolling Hills
    • Film_SelectsWEBSITE33
    • NevadaHighway_Stitch
      Nevada Highway
    • DR_SB_Jan09_Steep1
    • Film_SelectsWEBSITE25
    • EOD_Board-BradBurnside
    • Film_SelectsWEBSITE02
      Lake Kiss